D-400 Zoom Features 1.3 Megapixel, 3X Optical Zoom, & Floppy Disk Compatibility

D-400 Zoom - The Camera
Designed with camera styling and features, such as a 4 mode pop-up intelligent flash, through-the-lens auto focus and 3X optical zoom (35-105mm lens system), auto white balance with 5-step manual override, center weighted and spot metering systems for auto exposure with +/-2 step manual EV control in step increments.

The D-400 Zoom includes professional level photographic, including four levels of recording images (Standard Quality at 640 x 480 with standard compression, High Quality at 1280 x 960 with standard compression, a Super High Quality mode at 1280 x 960 with minimal compression, and uncompressed .tiff file support).

The protective lens barrier slides open to simultaneously turn on the camera and extend the zoom lens. This design protects and blocks the viewfinder when closed, so there is no question when the camera is turned on.

The Digital Device
Designed to be a "digital" device with many high-tech features, including 2X Digital Telephoto at any focal length, floppy disk compatibility to computer systems, and reusable SmartMedia cards.

The D-400 Zoom, gives you the flexibility of using the 3X optical zoom lens with or without the Digital Telephoto mode. The 2X Digital Telephoto can be used at any focal length for a total of 6X capability. The built in 1.8-inch LCD display automatically activates when choosing the digital Tele/Wide Mode for through-the-lens composition. The macro capability allows the user to get in as close as four inches.

D-400 Zoom - The Consumer Electronics Device
It is a consumer electronics device, with video connectivity to popular consumer products and direct printing to the Olympus Personal Photo Printer without the need of a computer. It features a conventional video out connector for easy viewing of photos on a TV set and can be transferred to videotape for easy viewing. The D-400 Zoom also prints directly to the Olympus P-300 photo printer via its direct connect capabilities.

The D-400 Zoom incorporates high-speed D-RAM for internal operations providing very fast shot recovery performance and burst mode shooting. This mode enables users to shoot and capture up to 10 images in half second intervals. Images are written through D-RAM (internal memory) and saved to the removable media for later review.

New features to the LCD include: the new Image Inspection mode for 3X magnification of images on the LCD for inspecting small details, since the 8 and 16MB SmartMedia card can save hundreds of images in one card, the LCD now allows up to 16 thumbnail images to be previewed at a time, making the camera more efficient to use. To compare white balance and other settings, the user may also choose to view 4 larger thumbnails at a time.

What's Included?
The D-400 Zoom includes a floppy disk adapter, 4 AA Alkaline batteries, a 8MB Olympus brand panorama SmartMedia card, strap, serial cable for Mac and/or PC, video connection cable for TV or VCR, Adobe PhotoDeluxe image manipulation and creation software, Enroute Imaging QuickStitch panorama stitching software, Olympus Camera Utility Software for downloading images from the camera, and instruction manuals. All software supports both Windows and Macintosh computer systems.