Y.B.D.B. Desert Rules

  1. You are not allowed to tell anyone what to do.
  2. You can make fun of anyone at any time (see Rule #1).
  3. Everyone must maintain a sense of humor at all times (see Rule #2).
  4. Planning for the trip more than 24 hours in advance is not allowed (see Rules #1-3).
  5. Rule #1 does not apply to children (who are encouraged to apply Rule #2).
  6. Failure to observe the rules will result in the application of Rule #2.


Lunch in Fish Creek The Y.B.D.B. "Desert Rules" were committed to paper well over ten years ago. They have remained unchanged since that time, despite their ambiguity. Most of the wives in the group do not appreciate Rule #4 (no planning) and have lobbied for its change (or outright elimination). In fact, mentioning Rule #4 to one of them in response to a query like "Who's coming to the desert with us next week?" invariably results in some kind of penalty (not listed in the above rules).


Children usually misinterpret Rule #5 (children excepted), assuming (erroneously) that they can tell everyone what to do. Such misinterpretation of the rules always results in the prompt application of Rule #2 (verbal harassment). (It usually does no good, because the same children simply apply Rule #2 in return, knowing that it does apply to them.)

Prime Directive

Over the years we have found that the enforcement of Rule #3 (maintaining a sense of humor) is key to achieving good "desert outage"...that, and plenty of ice cold beer!