Pre-Run for April 19-20 Manx Club Outing
Borrego Springs California State Park
March 31-April 1, 1996

The Y.B.D.B. Club acts as an advance party for Bruce and Winnie Meyers' Manx Club planned club outing to Butterfield Ranch in the Anza-Borrego State Park. A run down Fish Creek (including "The Squeeze" and "The Drop" (a.k.a. Donna-Crys Hill) is planned for April 20, 1996. We spent the night at Blair Valley amongst the Pinion Pines at the trailhead of the Mormon Battalion Trail, which leads south to the Valencito Stage Station. The weather was wind, mild temperatures, great food and drink, good company, and a view of Comet Hyakutake, the "comet of the century".

The next morning we all put on our Y.B.D.B. T-shirts and went scouting to check out both of the "one-way" routes down into Fish Creek. We had lunch at Palm Spring...(no "S" on the end of Spring). We must have had a great time because we managed to break a few things. Field repairs included a minor structural failure in Bruce M.'s (borrowed) French Manx (found and replaced a missing body nut/bolt), a chassis squeak (Bruce put Bruce L.'s sock in it), Bruce L.'s sheared off exhast pipe (soda can and hose clamps to the rescue), Rick's loose, then lost, muffler (more hose clamps), and Jim's ignition system failure (a little fiddling around did the trick). Dave "My Buggy-Can-Go-Anywhere" Helland went down one of the "one-way" hills into Fish Creek and couldn't get back the way he came. Rick "I-Need-to-Lean-Out-My-Carberator-Jets" Doyle ran out of gas on the way back to camp. Bruce L. also got to hassle a Park Ranger that he (almost) ran into on the subject of the recent permanant closing of (the best) part of Coyote Canyon to motor vehicles.

The pictures below were taken with a brand new Epson PhotoPC digital camera. It takes 16 full-color 640x480 JPEG photos before its needs to be off-loaded to a PC. It worked great!

B.D. Lightner, Club Historian, April 2, 1996

First picture with new Epson PhotoPC JPEG digital camera

Bruce & Winne Meyers, Dave Helland, Rick Doyle, John Lightner (seated)

Rick likes to sleep near his vehicles

Not a great wildflower crop this year...just tiny ones (4"x6" area)

A short stop on the way to "The Squeeze"

Bruce Meyers and daughter (in borrowed French Manx)

Another short stop on the way to "The Squeeze"

Checking out "The Squeeze" for the April 20th Manx Club run

The Squeeze (sign warns of "The Drop" on mile ahead)

Time-out to give some Jeepers advice

Lunch at Palm Spring...(almost) everyone's wearing their Y.B.D.B. T-shirt

Jim takes a noon-time nap at Palm Spring

Field repair...broken exhast pipe (soda can and 4 hose clamps...good as new!)

Back route into Fish Creek (one of two one-way hills)

Bruce makes it look easy ("wrong way" on one-way hill)

Butterfield Ranch (Bar/Gas/Store), Manx Club will be there April 19-21

Hitching up for the trip back to civilzation

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