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<CENTER><FONT SIZE=+2>Yellow Baja and Dune Buggy Historical Society</FONT></CENTER>
<CENTER><FONT SIZE=+2>(a.k.a. "Y.B.D.B. Club")</FONT></CENTER>
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The Yellow Baja and Dune Buggy Historical Society is a San Diego,
Califonia  based organization dedicated to the preservation of the
history of highway-legal VW powered vehicles used off-road in San Diego

<P> All of the historical society members' dune buggies and Baja bugs
are collector cars which are more than 25 years old.  These vehicles are
maintained and operated principally for use as part of the historical
society's activities.
<A HREF="../ybdb/dmv.html"> Section 5004</A> of the California 
Motor Vehicle Code assigns these vehicles special status as
"Historical Vehicles".

<P> Membership in the society is strictly limited to owners of
<I>yellow</I> street-legal off-road vehicles.  Associate membership
status is granted to owners of other off-road vehicles, providing their
owner(s) promise to paint their vehicles <I>yellow</I> sometime <I>real

Some of the society members belong to Bruce Meyers'
<A HREF="../ybdb/images/manx2.jpg"> Manx Dune Buggy Club</A>

We all use CB radios (Channel 5) on our outings.
Some of the members are hams and belong to the
<A HREF=""> Palomar Amateur Radio Club</A>

Most of our outings have 
<A HREF=""> Borrego Springs</A>, California
as their destination.


Click <A HREF="../ybdb/board.html"> here</A>
for a group photo of the society's board of directors (assembled
with their vehicles in the Horse Canyon tributary of Coyote Canyon).

<A HREF="rules.html">here</A>
for historical society desert rules.

<A HREF="links.html">here</A>
for Y.B.D.B. interesting links.

<A HREF="photos.html">here</A>
for Y.B.D.B. photos.<IMG SRC="./images/updated.gif"><FONT SIZE=-2>4/25/96</FONT>

<P> The organization was founded in 1965 by David R. Helland, society
member #1.  Here is a photo of his original vehicle:

<P><CENTER><IMG SRC="../ybdb/images/bug2.jpg" ALT="Dune Buggy"></CENTER><P>

<CENTER><STRONG>For membership information, please contact our
<A HREF="../ybdb/hardwork.html"> hard working</A>
Alan L. Schuler<BR>
11315 Lake Rim Road<BR>
San Diego, CA  92131<BR>
Phone:  (619) 566-6637<BR>
Email: <A HREF=""></A><BR>

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