Death Valley Closures Update 1/96

Death Valley Closures Update 1/96

Author: Del Albright - jeepndel@GOLDRUSH.COM

To the best of my knowledge and research, here are the roads/canyons that have been closed in Death Valley and vicinity as part of the new wilderness areas under the 1994 Desert Protection Act:

  • Greenwater Canyon
  • South Park Canyon
  • Hole in the Wall Canyon (at the old Monument boundary)
  • Sheep Canyon (Telephone Canyon area)
  • Confidence Wash/Hole in the Wall Cabin (American Mine area)
  • Tucki Mine (vicinity)
  • Schwaub Townsite (off Echo Canyon)
  • Lemoign Canyon (just as you enter the canyon)
  • Marble Canyon (at the "narrows")
  • Jail Canyon (where it joins Hall Canyon)
  • Skidoo Area (except for the townsite area itself)
  • Hall Canyon
  • Ibex Springs
  • Buckwheat Wash
  • Saddle Peak Hills
  • Quail Springs
  • Pleasant/South Park Canyon Loop

If anyone has more updated info, please pass it along to me.

Again, the only recourse we have is to write letters and let folks know we want roads left open.


                                Del Albright
                        and the Friends of Death Valley
                       (Dedicated to keeping roads open)

United 4WD; CA4WDC; High Desert Mulitple Use Coalition; Friends of Death
Valley; Calif. Desert Coalition; Mother Lode Rockcrawlers Club;
Death Valley Natural History Association; and Tread Lightly.

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