Camping Trip Essentials

This list of items is intended to help prepare the happy Y.B.D.B. camper for a trip into the boonies. Many of the items included on the list are for an over-night (or several day) trip. The value of many of these items is directly proportional to the distance that you might have to travel (or walk) to obtain them. For our extended off-road trips to Baja, we carry everything on this page...and more!

It should be noted that on a hot day in the desert a 5 mile hike may be the same as a death sentence, so be sure to follow the desert safety rules:

Desert Safety Rules

  1. Always travel with more than one vehicle
  2. Always carry plenty of water (1 gallon per day per person)
  3. Never leave your vehicle and walk across the desert for help
  4. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return
Three Yellow Bugs

Basic Supplies

Camping Gear


Auto Supplies

Axel Repair Kludge


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