Jim Guthrie's L.A. Lifeguard Manx

Jim Guthrie's restored L.A. County Lifeguard beach patrol buggy

Jim's buggy is a genuine Bruce Meyer's Manx. This model was produced as a special order for the L.A. County lifeguard service. Only two yellow ones were ever made...Jim now owns both of them! (A third green copy was made for the U.S. Forest Service, but the car was stolen before it could be delivered...and never was recovered.) Because of salt-water induced damage to the original VW pan, it has been replaced. You can find the official L.A. County seal in the front view of the car. We also have a side view of the car, courtesy of the Manx Dune Buggy Club. Jim's buggy is a big hit at local parades. Watch for it on a future episode of Baywatch!

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