First Inaugural Run - Julian Banner and Borrego Squeeze, April 22-23, 1995

The first official outing of the Manx Dune Buggy Club took us to Borrego Valley. We stayed at the Stagecoach Trails Campground near the original Butterfield stage route. The first day took us up the pavement to Julian through the mountain passes. From Julian we returned to camp via a dirt road through the Oraflamme Mountains. The next day was the challenging run through Fish Creek to Ocotillo Wells. This is a one-way road that goes through the famous Squeeze (Hummers won't fit and 4-wheel drives lose windows and mirrors !) and then over the Dropoff. The Dropoff is an extremely steep hill that is navigated by locking the rear wheels and sliding down ! No one claims to have ever been able to drive up this hill ! Lunch was served in the shade of the beautiful Fish Creek canyon by the crew of our Chuck Wagon.


The Squeeze tests your skid pan as well as your width

Top of the Drop

Getting some "AIR" at the top of the DROPOFF

Coming down the drop

The thought of sliding down the DROPOFF causes weak hearted passengers to walk

Fish Creek

Passing through the Fish Creek canyon

Lunch in Fish Creek

Lunch is served by the Chuck Wagon crew in Fish Creek