Saddleback Ridge Run , Sept. 6-7-8, 1996

This was the club's first run to the Saddleback Ridge above Lake Elsinor on Sept. 6-7-8, 1996. We camped at the Ortega Oaks Campground that was 4 miles from the summit of the Ortega highway 74 above the town of Lake Elsinor. The campground was located among tall oak trees that provided shade in the 90 degree weather. There is a US campground near the summit, but it was not equipped with showers and swimming pool which we were eager to utilize. Our "Egg Mc Manx" breakfast was served up with the assistance of Bob, Lou, Esther, Judy, Andy, and the cooking was provided by the Master Engineer - Bruce Meyers. Bruce had shown up late on Friday night after being consumed by an engineering struggle to resurrect a gas powered coffee percolator (the percolator still needs work).

The first activity of every trip is always the "show and shine" because that is the only time that our cars are clean. We had nearly 30 cars that were judged by the club members. The winners of each category were awarded gift certificates to purchase Meyers Manx apparel. Several hundred dollars in gift certificates and automotive merchandise were donated by Southern California businesses to be raffled off to lucky ticket holders.

The first day's trip took us up along the Saddleback Ridge with views of Lake Elsinor to the East and the Catalina and San Clemente islands to the West. The road along the ridge was narrow and very dusty due to the lack of rain. We had a few anxious moments as one buggy slipped off the trail as we climbed to the top of Santiago peak. A large bush kept the buggy from rolling down the mountain; a heavier vehicle like a jeep would have certainly rolled down the nearly vertical mountainside. We had lunch on the peak among the multitude of radio towers and antennas (once again carried by Bruce Meyers on his special buggy rack).

Saturday evening we were entertained with wonderful songs and guitar music by Bob the "HedgeHog" as we sat around the campfire and watched the stars. The next morning the club gathered to hear the results of the judging before making a scenic run in search of a waterfall. The trip included one mile hike to the falls which were dry, but the swimming hole was full of cool water and several members jumped in. Lunch was served in the Wildomar campground with cooking duties performed by the "HedgeHog".

The Saddleback Ridge Run was a great success enjoyed by all. There were no delays due to mechanical failures and it appeared that no car was going to be awarded the infamous "Philippe Award". This award is given in fun to the buggy that breaks down the most on the trail. There was a competition held at this event to see who could make the best trophy for this award. Two entries were submitted and both were worthy. Since most of our outings are two day events, we decided to accept both trophys and award one for each day of the event. We were disapointed that no car was going to be awarded one of our new trophys; however, Bruce Meyers stepped up to the challenge. The accelerator cable on Bruce's car broke within sight of the campground on our return; therefore, he was awarded the first official "Philippe Award" trophy.

"Show 'N Shine" winners for the Saddleback Ridge Run

  • Best Meyers Manx -David Helland
  • Best Manx Type -Mark Hildebrand
  • Best Tow'd -Tony Anderson
  • Best Off-Road Buggy -Phil Moore
  • Best Street Buggy -Rudi & Marlise Mueller
  • Best Oddball -Andy & Judi Felix
  • Most in need of TLC -Frank Rodrigues
  • "Philippe Award" -Bruce Meyers
  • Who Came Farthest -John Dougan
  • Earliest Member Present -Rudi & Marlise Mueller
  • Newest Member Present -Dennis Huising

    Please support the following businesses who donated prizes to the raffle:

  • Johnny's Speed & Chrome -Buena Park
  • Vee Dub Unlinited -Huntington Beach
  • Gold Mine VW Parts -Whittier
  • KYMCO -Costa Mesa
  • B&R Buggies -Oceanside
  • VW Paradise -San Marcos
  • Alar Coleman Distributors -San Marcos
  • Off Road Warehouse -Escondido
  • Fibertech -Santee
  • Johnson's Bug Machine -Santee

    Start of Saddleback Run

    The Manx Dune Buggy Club at beginning of the Saddleback Ridge trail.

    The club stopped at the top of Santiago Peak for lunch and a great view.

    Dave's "New Yeller" is awarded Best Meyers Manx at the event.

    Andy's Kublewagon was built by the Meyers Company and is designed to be a replica of the German Desert Staff car of WWII. Sadly, there was only one of these cars built.

    The "HedgeHog" not only sings , he also cooks !

    The club gathered at the Wildomar campground for lunch.

    Lou and Esther with their beautiful red Meyers Manx get their picture on the Web for being great members and complmenting the Web Master !