The Steps to Complete Restoration
10. The Roll Bar & Bumper

  • The roll bar and bumper are purchased from the Manxclub! 7/3/99

The Manx Dune Buggy Club is now selling original Manx roll bars and front bumpers. So rather than making my own, I bought these already made. The bumper is chromed and the roll bar is bare steel. At this point I am behind schedule and I am willing to purchase a few things to get the project back in gear! You can check the prices for these items using the Manx Dune Buggy Club e-mail address (i.e.,

  • Purchase Roll Bar Steel
  • Have Roll Bar bent to Manx pattern
  • Weld on brackets
  • Have Roll Bar chromed
  • Install Roll Bar
  • Purchase front bumper
  • Weld on light brackets
  • Have bumper chromed
  • Install bumper

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