The Steps to Complete Restoration
1. The Frame

  • Weld reinforcement steel on frame tunnel 1/15/99
  • Weld frame seams to strengthen them 1/15/99
  • Weld all holes in frame closed 1/16/99
  • Primer frame with anti-rust paint 1/16/99
  • Paint frame with rust-proof black enamel 1/26/99
  • Paint frame bottom with under-coating 1/27/99
  • Clean and paint front suspension 1/28/99
  • The front and rear suspension also need to be cleaned and painted. Use the same electric wire brushes and clean the components. Prime with anti-rust primer and finish with gloss black enamel. If you have the bucks, you can completely disassemble the suspension parts and get them powder coated. It lasts forever and looks like porcelain. There are new kits that allow you to powder coat at home, but you have to buy an oven for your garage to make it work.
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