International Manx Club Activities

The Midland Buggy Club visits Manx Dune Buggy Club

The Manx Dune Buggy Club was recently visited by four members of the Midland Buggy Club. CHAD (Simon Chadwick really !!) and his wife Ruth came to visit along with John Boz and his wife Michele. CHAD is the chairman of the all new Midland Buggy Club over in good old England. The Midland Buggy Club has members who own varying styles of beach (dune) buggies, rails and bajas in the midlands region of England - around Birmingham (near Stratford upon Avon).

The Midland Buggy Club is increasing in size very quickly, so they thought that they could pay a visit to the Manx Dune Buggy Club while on vacation in Southern California and see how we do things.

Their visit started with a Manx Club breakfast at the Grouchy Gaucho restaurant in Valley Center. They got the unexpected opportunity to meet Bruce Meyers and tour the International Headquarters of the Manx Dune Buggy Club!

We then took the English club members for a day of desert fun in the Anza Borrego Sate Park just east of San Diego. The Midland Buggy Club left on Sunday, Oct 25th for a couple of days in San Diego before returning to England.

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