Big Bear Bash

July 16-18, 1999

Manx Club at the lookout tower on Sunday morning
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Our trip Big Bear Lake, Calif. was a great success. We again camped at a church campground near the edge of the lake. We had a total of 92 buggies show up for the event in the pine trees and nearly ran out of room in the campground. The weather had been stormy the previous weekend with mud slides and homes damages, but it was just beautiful for our trip.

We arrived on Friday night and set up camp so that we could get an early start the next morning. On Saturday morning we were served our "Egg McManx" breakfast and then voted for our favorite buggies in the "Show & Shine". At 10 AM we left for a trip through the mountains on the north side of the lake.

Since we had so many lost buggies on the last trip, we tried a new technique to keep everyone on the same route. We had previously employed the "Golden Rule" (i.e. always wait at each fork in the road until the buggy behind you comes along) but the temptation to keep up with your friends caused impatient drivers to leave early. So our new "Peel & Wait" system was employed. In this technique the first car in line behind the leader is told to wait at the first fork in the road until all the cars have passed. When the designated tail end "pick-up" vehicle comes along, the waiting car can then get back in line. So as we make turns, there is always a buggy waiting at the corner to tell us where to go. Everyone seemed to enjoy this as it is much like a parade passing by with passengers waving and having a good time.

Lunch was served on the trail and the club then split into four groups. The first group was the "Posey Sniffers" who chose to take the scenic route during the afternoon. They were followed by two intermediate groups who wanted to drive through some of the rough roads but did not want to risk the most difficult trails (or failed our tech inspection). The last group took off on an adventure that caused us to drive straight up the side of the mountain (passing a group of jeeps that were completely stuck in the rocks on their way down).

On Sunday we got up early and left camp at 7 AM. We drove to the top of the mountain and climbed up the rock path to the fire station lookout.

Big Bear Bash Sponsers

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Manx Dune Buggy Club "Show 'N Shine" Winners

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A newly restored "Mangusta" arrived for the "Show & Shine"
The Buggies wait for judging while breakfast is served.
This purple buggy had one of the best paint jobs in the club!
Jeff's blue Manx took the award for "Best Manx".
The trees provide the perfect shade in the summer sun.
Hamburgers are served on the trail but it took a while. With 200 people maybe we should serve cold cuts.
The much appreciated cooks.
Minor repairs are made along the way just before the "Red" Group starts hill climbing.
Fording a stream in the forest is not uncommon in Big Bear.
The buggies on the "most difficult (Red Group)" trail pause for a photo opportunity.
This beautiful red Tow'd came all the way from Kansas to participate in the Big Bear event!
We approach the fire station lookout after a windy trip to the top of the mountain.
The buggies park just below the peak while we hike up the stone trail to the lookout.

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