August '00 Buggy of the Month:

Bob & Brian Artwohl - Arlington Heights, IL.

Bob sent in this description of his buggy. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month!

Bob writes :


Finally, after one year of a total restoration project, it is done. We purchased this buggy at a local bug show last July. My son Brian got the idea after he saw the pictures of my Sears dune buggy kit I purchased new back in 1972 and had built it along with my father.

We purchased a brand new frame from Berrien Buggy, and started rebuilding from scratch. We learned fiberglass repair, and sanded the old metal flake finish. We Glassed the aluminum bars for strength at the body flange. We repaired our custom two piece hood (the previous owner used a power saw across the hood to get at the wiring behind the dash) into one complete hood.

Most of our restoration parts i.e. cables, brakes, master cylinder and so on were purchased through Rocky mountain motor works, our front seats are from Corbeau, and the back seat is a Berrien buggy exclusive. Bumpers and windshield frame and others parts are Bug Pack products.Our gauges are from VDO, and a Cherry wood dash from a local woodworking shop.

As you can see, my son Brian and I spent a lot valued family time on evenings and weekends together working on his new car. And we cannot forget Dennis, my nine year old who can turn small screwdrivers in small places.

Bob & Brian Artwohl
Arlington Heights, IL.