March '00 Buggy of the Month:

David Fallon - Daytona Beach, FL

David sent in this description of his buggy. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month!

David writes :

My wife, Rose, and I started a search for a dune buggy in May of '99, after seeing a sharp dune buggy at a beach side grocery store. Also being constructed out of fiberglass, it would hold up to the salt conditions in Daytona Beach. We already had a Jeep deteriorate from the harsh conditions. With luck there was one in the paper by mid June. It was a 1970 Meyers Manx II. It was green with a mural of sea life and creatures and had extra chrome on the motor, which Rose liked. Now it was my turn to put it mechanically back in shape.


- 1970 VW frame with IRS transaxle
- 1600 cc single port engine with headers from JC Whitney, tuned and adjusted to a tee with help from my neighbor Wild Bill
- 4 point roll cage, front and back bumper fabricated by Hellyer Racing Enterprises in New Smyrna
- B.F.Goodrich Radial TA on GM small bolt pattern 15x6 front, 15x7 rear with chrome plated trim rings mounted and balanced by Ted at 4-Boys Tire in Datona Beach
- Seats are out of a VW Jetta, removed from a local salvage yard with help from Paco on a 95 degree day in July
- Raised the windshield frame by 1-1/3" and installed an aluminum bracket 1-1/2" over the frame to attach bikini top fabricated by Joe at Land and Sea in Port Orange
- Miscellaneous mechanical, welding, undercoat, and advice by Ron at Discount VW in Port Orange

This winter I am planning to install new wiring harness, guages, and epoxy coat the interior pans. I have been receiving just as much fun working on it, as driving it. I am keeping my eye out for the next project i.e. another Manx or Allison (Allison dune buggies were manufactured in Port Orange, Florida in the early 70's).

I enjoy your informative site.

David Fallon