January '00 Buggy of the Month:

Jesper Holck - Nassau, Bahamas

Jesper sent in this description of his buggy. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month!

Jesper writes :

This is my bid on buggy of the month, Sweet Candy, driving in Nassau Bahamas every day, I bought the car as a wreck in Jacksonville in Florida in january 1997, got it to Nassau. All at the shipping company was laughing when they saw it (garbage they said)

I took it totally apart, repaired the platform, and got it painted, I bought a engine from a 1997 bettle (mexico model) with fuel injection (took the injection out of the engine) took it apart and rebuilt it as a 2.0. No carburators were good enough, so I got 4 single carburators from the Porsche factory (I have a good freind there) and made the manifold, total power 105 HP.

My name is jesper Holck. I am Danish but has been living in Bahamas the past 8 years, I am a motor engineer of trade.

Sweet Candy was my toy, was because I sold her, and am now out looking for a new project, MANX of course.

"The buggyrolls"

Jesper Holck