September '99 Buggy of the Month:

Sean Fernandez, Telluride, Colorado

Sean sent in this description of his buggy. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month!

Sean writes :

After being a member for almost a year, I finally finished my buggy.

I don't know what t ype it is (maybe you or another member can identify it for me) but I have over 600 hours of labor (and still counting!) and over $10,000 in parts and tools.Mr. Snap-On man has become my drug dealer since I started building the buggy.

I started it about a year and a half ago and was done back in April but due to "flat towing" it (in second gear) it sent 2 rods through my brand new motor. One through the side of the block and one through the top of the motor, cracked the cam in half, sent every lifter for a ride, bent all the push rods, etc.

After spending several weeks hunting down a new engine, tearing it apart and rebuilding it, putting it back in the car and purchasing a flat bed trailer it's finally finished ... again. So impressed with it, my employer wants me to help his son build one which I am looking forward to. After all how many people get to build a buggy and get paid for it?

I would like to enter it for the buggy of the month.

Goodies include:

66' Corvair engine
OTTO High volume oil pump
Performance cam Roller rockers
Custom pistons
Stainless steel valves
Lightened Rods
4 modified Rochester carbs
Custom headers with supper trap inserts
Crown Corvair to VW adapter
RCI front seats Custom rear seats
S&W gauges
Custom rims
Adjustable front end
Air shocks
Swing type rear axle
64' corvette tail lights
Lots of TLC

I did all the work to the buggy myself including the paint job.
I chose a 93' Mazda RX7 energy yellow and 8 coats of epoxy clear (PPG) and is built on a shortened 65 VW pan.
One of these days I'll have the time to join everyone on one of the clubs trips and meet other buggy enthusiasts.

Thanks for time and see you out there!

Sean Fernandez - Member # 941 Telluride, Colorado