July '99 Buggy of the Month:

Keven Jones, New South Wales, Australia

Mike Sharp sent in this description of his friend's buggy. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month!

Mike writes :

I though you may be interested in my friend's 'Myers Towdster' he has asked me to send you this to be put forward for buggy of the month

We believe it to be the only registered Towdster in Australia
The owner ' Keven Jones' has only just got the car fully restored
in the last two weeks after a year of full restoration

At a recent VW show it won best off road buggy
It features a link pin front end and an I R S rear end

A 1600 Combi gear box 5.3 R P
A 2 lt type IV motor converted to upright
Wheels are 15 x 6 and 15 x 10
Tyres are 205 front and 11x 32 rear

It will be used for off road trips and holidays some times
towing a small camp trailer

Keven lives in Foster, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Mike sharp

"Mike Sharp" <sharpblt@coffeeonline.com.au>