Mar '99 Buggy of the Month

The Mar '99 Buggy of the Month honor went to David French of Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

David French sent in these great pictures. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month !

David writes :

I would like to enter my buggy for the buggy of the month. I live in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. I have been invloved with VW's for a number of years and I am also an active member of the NIagara Volks-Folks Club.

The vintage is approximately mid sixties and I believe that my buggy is an Irwin copy of the Manx, but I am not sure. Also, the front license plate area is customized. Below is an article I wrote about my buggy.

Thank you,

David French

Buggy Project - To Bug You

On the advice of my son Roy, I was encouraged to purchase a derelict Manx Buggy for $400. At that time it was equipped with a 1200 cc motor that ran like a clock (however we are not sure in which time zone). It was my intention to store this vehicle in the barn until I had completed the projects I was currently working on.

John's advice (John's Bug Shop- Niagara Falls) is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, finish ONE project at a time. I intended to follow John's advice, however John has never given this advice to my son.

I arrived home from work one afternoon to find Roy, my son busy stripping nine coats of paint from the buggy (this after he had worked all day in Slessor's body shop). Talk about paint dust. It was everywhere. Failing to heed John's good advice, the second or perhaps third project was now underway. After prepping the body for paint, we consulted with Nick Amsterdam, Bodyman Extradionare, and fellow Niagara Volks Folks member, and a decision was made to paint the buggy base coat, clear using multi colours with pearl additives. It took me 12 hours to paint the base coat and lay-out work. After that the buggy was clear coated by Nick.

Our next step was to install a 1776 cc. motor which was a previously completed project I had sitting on the shelf. Next we changed the front end to a lowered front beam which also necessitated lowering the back end (three tries before I got it right). Next we installed a four point rollcage. At this point in time a final decision had not been reached whether this was to be a "show car", "drag car" or "street legal". The drag car won because one of my other toys is street legal. Because fiberglass is not strong, I installed extra tubing to protect the legs, in case I ever got this car to go really fast.

My VW friends convinced me to leave my wife for the weekend and go racing at the Canadian Nationals in Grand Bend. Yes, I am still married. Lois reminded me that my life insurance was paid up. With my debut at Grand Bend. I thought I had "red lighted", but managed to score a perfect reaction time of 500 - more good luck than good driving - and made 4 passes before being eliminated. A great fun day in the sun at Grand Bend. I am now hooked on drag racing. Do you know anybody who would like to buy a boat?

Specifications -
1776 cc.
8.4 to one comp. Ratio
12 pound flywheel
Split Cam Gear - 4.5 lift
Hi-Lift rockers
Swivel feet
Oversize valves
dual kadrons
050 distributor
weight - 1420 pounds
10.21 - eighth mile
043 Heads - port & polished

Pro Street NHRA Champion at Beaver Springs Dragway, P.A., U.S.A.