Mar '99 Buggy of the Month

The Mar '99 Buggy of the Month went to Jeff & Gina Wagner of Pewaukee, WI

Carl Christensen sent in these great pictures. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month !

Carl (previous owner of the buggy) writes :

Above are 3 photos of "my" 1970 Manx 2. I purchased it a little over two years ago and went through the motor this last winter. I still call it "my" Manx even though it was sold late this fall to Jeff & Gina Wagner of Pewaukee, WI. When I found it, it was in pretty tough shape - but still was "driveable." I just cleaned it up a bit (the body is still the original Lime Green gelcoat) and repaired most of the really worn or damaged items. I left the motor basically stock, but installed a counterweighted crank and 009 distributor along with many chromed parts. It is NO show Manx but it sure got a lot of attention around where I live in Wisconsin. What a blast to drive !!

Thank You!

Carl Christensen email: