Jan '99 Buggy of the Month

The honor of Jan '99 of the Month went to Jim Reed of Midwestern US

Jim Reed sent in these great pictures. Send in yours for a chance at Buggy of the Month !

Jim Reed writes :

I first bought the buggy in March of 1976 I traded it off in 1980 then
bought it back in 1981 then completly rebuild it, new engine, new
wiring, new upholstery the works.

I had it repainted in 1990 then started showing it in some local 
VW show in the midswest NE, KS, & MO. I got a few 1 st. place 
awards a lot of 2nd. and 3 rds.

The buggy now has a 1641 CC engine, a stock transaxel, 215x15R70 tire
front and rear.

I enjoy the Manx web site very much and check it out every mo to see the
new "Buggy of The Mo"

Jim Reed email: jr60848@navix.net