Baja 1,000/San Felipe Run, Nov. 1997

Saturday morning line-up (click on photo for larger version)

We are still looking for these two characters who were last seen Sunday, November 16, 1997 heading south from Pete's Camp with a bunch of Frenchmen in dune buggies.

Early photos from the Manx Club San Felipe event:

  • Y.B.D.B. version of Manx Club lineup.
  • Evan, winner of the youngest drive award.
  • Frogs & Towds on the mud flats. (Pete's Camp in the background.)
  • Blender guy at work. ("Juice Man" ain't got nothing on him!)
  • We all wait for (yet another) broken Towd.
  • On the beach south of San Felipe. (Stuck cars in the far distance.)
  • We all stopped for beer and tacos in Laguna Percebú.
  • Desert photo op that couldn't be passed up.
Want more pictures? Check out the photo collage from the Y.B.D.B. Club. Stay tuned for an official trip report...after we find Bruce and Winnie!

Update: All (buggies and people) made it back safely from San Felipe Friday night.

We now have a photo collage with photos taken by Bruce and Winnie.

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