Baja 1,000/San Felipe Run, Nov. 9-12, 1995

This event took us south to Baja to watch the start of the Baja 1000 off- road race and then to camp on the beach at San Felipe. We had a hurried breakfast at Hacienda Veronica just south of Tecate. We then proceeded a few miles down the dirt road to see the Trophy trucks and dune buggies blast through --- phew! After watching the race for about an hour it was time to get on our way. As we proceeded down the dirt road, we happened upon a V.W. that had rolled and by our standards been totaled. The drivers (Mexican T.V. newscasters filming the race) were fine and were anxious to get back on the road. Good samaritans as we are, we repaired their car and got them running again. Several hours later, we finally pulled into Pete's camp (7 miles north of San Felipe) well after dark. Friday was spent resting and driving up and down the beach, acquainting ourselves with the area. Others arrived during the day and into the night (even members all the way from Ohio!). By Saturday we gathered up about 18 buggies. Saturday's run took us out into the desert and then south of San Felipe and onto the beach where we enjoyed a hill-climb and lunch overlooking the Sea of Cortez.
 Trip Announcement

 on a dirt road

The Manx Dune Buggy Club on a trail near San Felipe

 Rolled V.W.

The Manx Dune Buggy Club good samaritan pit crew

 Baja 1,000 race

The Baja 1,000 - where we watched the big trophy trucks race by

 Pete's Camp

Camping facilities at Pete's Camp

 Show 'N Shine on sand

San Felipe "Show 'N Shine" on a sand bar

 Age is state of mind

The wit of Bruce lasts forever too !

 Cars overlooking the sea

Lunch on a sand dune overlooking the sea south of San Felipe


The Master Inventor hard at work.