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From: "David Helland" <>
Subject: Re: Manitowish Waters Dates
To: "Bruce Lightner" <>
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Bruce -
   You should fly to Min. St. Paul on Sat. Aug 16th (arrive about noon) and
drive with Tommy K, Mark, and Jeff to the lake.

   You should drive back with them on Sat. 23rd,  stay overnight (hopefully at
Tommy K's) and leave MSP at 10 or 11 AM on Aug 24.


you could try to match my itinery which is a little funky :

14 AUG 97 - Thursday
    LV: San Diego          7:50P
    AR: San Francisco    9:10P

17 AUG 97 - Sunday
    LV: San Francisco    9:00A
    AR:Chicago/Ohare    3:01A

   LV: Chicago/Ohare    3:35P
   AR: Central Wis         4:48P

Jeff drives down and picks me up

Spend a week at the lake

23 AUG 97 - Saturday :  I get dropped of at Rheinlander airport by folks
departing the lake and rent a car.  I drive back to the lake (or get a motel
in Rheinlander) and stay an extra night and then drive to Central Wis. on
Sunday morning.

24 AUG 97 - Sunday
    LV:  Central Wis       11:42A
    AR:Chicago/Ohare    12:50A

   LV: Chicago/Ohare    3:40P
   AR: San Diego          5:50P
Date: 6/12/97 7:55 PM
To: Helland, David
From: Bruce Lightner


I threw away all of me email regarding the Manitowish Waters plans.
What are the dates that you are traveling and/or I should be
considering...including recommended cities.