Readme PTViewer:

PTViewer is a free and open spherical and cylindrical Panorama Viewer running under Java 1.0.4 and above. View any spherical 360 x 180  degree or cylindrical Panorama (equirectangular projection). Download the example package and read the documentation at my website.

Images for PTViewer can be generated using commercial packages (Apple, LivePicture, SmoothMove) or using the free Panorama Tools from this site.

This package also includes the extension PTMViewer, which enables PTViewer to play back QTVR panoramas and object movies, see the documentation here.

Files in this package:

  • Readme.html This file
  • Changes.html The changelog of previous versions of PTViewer
  • Copying.html The license for PTViewer and all extensions.
  • Applet/ptviewer.jar The java class ptviewer.class compressed as jar file. This is the basic panorama viewer without any extensions.This file has to be loaded by the html-browser to display panoramas. It is recommended to also install the ptviewer.class file since some browsers can not read compressed jar-files.
  • BigApplet&Application/ptviewer.jar The bundled and compressed java classes for the applet and application, including all extensions. This jar file includes all auxiliary classes of the Files folder and also serves as standalone program on Windows and Unix platforms. If a smaller jar file as applet-only is required, you can create a new one with just the ptviewer.class. It will be about 10kBytes smaller.
  • Applet&Application/ptviewer.sit.hqx Standalone program version of PTViewer for Macintosh. This file has to be decompressed using Stuffit.
  • src The Java sources to build PTViewer. The free Java Development Kit from Sun (any recent version) is required. See the Makefile for commands to build the applet.



Helmut Dersch

Copyright © 2001 H. Dersch