<HEAD><TITLE>Our Summer 1998 Visitors from Guam</TITLE></HEAD>
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David, Roseann, Beth, Risa and Jonathan Ahlgren (the Lightner's
cousins/nieces/nephews from Guam) arrived in San Diego on June 20, 1998
to visit the Lightner's for the summer.  

<P>We've been taking pictures...

<LI><A HREF="day1.html">Day 1</A> (Saturday, first day in San Diego)
<LI><A HREF="day2.html">Day 2</A> (Sunday, church/Sunday dinner)
<LI><A HREF="day7.html">Day 7</A> (Friday, we all visit the Del Mar Fair)
<LI><A HREF="day8.html">Day 8</A> (Saturday, LJUMC church youth group)
<LI><A HREF="day10.html">Day 10-11</A> (Monday-Tuesday, summer school)
<LI><A HREF="day12.html">Day 12</A> (Wednesday, school & LJ Rec. Center)
<LI><A HREF="day15.html">Day 14-16</A> (Friday-Sunday, Fourth-of-July BBQ & Evie's birthday party)
<LI><A HREF="day17.html">Day 17</A> (Monday, around home)
<LI><A HREF="day18.html">Day 18</A> (Tuesday, Beth's birthday party)
<LI><A HREF="day22.html">Day 22</A> (Saturday, around home/fun with a box)
<LI><A HREF="day25.html">Day 24-26</A> (Tuesday-Thursday, dogs and soccer)
<LI><A HREF="day32.html">Day 32</A> (Tuesday, at the playground)
<LI><A HREF="day41.html">Day 41</A> (Friday, summer school theater)
<LI><A HREF="day42.html">Day 42</A> (Saturday, home theater)
<LI><A HREF="day47.html">Day 47</A> (Thursday, the girl's room)
<LI><A HREF="mw98.html">Days 48-57</A> (Friday-Sunday, Duluth/Manitowish Waters Road Trip)
<LI><A HREF="day59.html">Days 59-61/63</A> (Monday-Wednesday/Friday, David and John's Birthday Celebrations)
<LI><A HREF="day73.html">Day 73</A> (Monday, Beth/Risa's first day at Torrey Pines Middle School)
<LI><A HREF="day74.html">Day 74</A> (Tuesday, Roseann/David/John start classes at Balboa Secondary School)
<LI><A HREF="day75.html">Days 75,78</A> (Wednesday/Saturday, Evie starts classes at Francis Parker/Around Home)
<LI><A HREF="day87.html">Day 86-87</A> (Sunday/Monday, Around Home/Jonathan at Nursery School)
<LI><A HREF="day93.html">Day 93,98,108,111</A> (Saturday, Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday, Around Home)
<LI><A HREF="day116.html">Day 116</A> (Thursday, Dad's Night at Jonathan's Nursery School)
<LI><A HREF="day124.html">Day 124</A> (Friday, Evening at the Beach)
<LI><A HREF="day129.html">Day 129</A> (Tuesday, Hammering Class)
<LI><A HREF="day131.html">Day 131-132</A> (Friday/Saturday, Halloween)
<LI><A HREF="day138.html">Day 138</A> (Wednesday, Beth, Jonathan, Risa and BB)
<LI><A HREF="day165.html">Day 165</A> (Tuesday, Sherri's Birthday/Beth and Evie)
<LI><A HREF="day176.html">Day 176</A> (Saturday, Santa Claus)
<LI><A HREF="day186.html">Day 186</A> (Saturday/Tuesday, Almost Christmas)


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