Digital Camera Comparison: Olympus D-300L (1024x768) vs. Epson PhotoPC (640x480)

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These 24 photos are the results of a shot-by-shot comparison of two digital cameras. The first 12 pictures (top 2 rows) are from an Olympus D-300L (1024x768). The second group of 12 photos (bottom 2 rows) are from a "classic" Epson PhotoPC (640x480). Photos were taken indoors on a "gray day" at Metaflow Technologies, Inc. in La Jolla, California. In all cases the cameras used the same flash settings. Note that the cheaper Epson PhotoPC camera takes "warmer" photos while the higher resolution Olympus camera's photos tend to be on the "cool" side. However, the Olympus camera seems to reproduce flesh tones more accurately. The flash on the Epson camera appears to be "more powerful".

We thank the (sometimes unwilling) photo subjects for their cooperation!

All photos copyright ©1998 by Bruce D. Lightner and John Spracklen. Camera images downloaded with "home-grown" Windows digital camera "freeware".