Apple MAC Serial Cable for "Classic" Epson PhotoPC

Subject: Epson Classic PhotoPC Pinout on website
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 11:08:10 -0600
From: Brian Zurbach 

Thanks a bunch for making this info publicly available.  Just got an
original PhotoPC digicam at auction for $3 with no cable.  Using your
page as a guide, I was able to build PC and Mac cables quite easily.

I can confirm that it is as you suspected, only Rx, Tx, and ground are
important.  Since you already have the PC diagram diagram listed, I
thought I would pass along the successful Mac pinouts:

    Camera DIN8    Mac DIN8 Port (mine is a 7500)
    Pin#           Pin#

    2  ----------  5

    3  ----------  3

    5  ----------  4

Works great at the top speed of 57,600 bps after downloading the correct
software from the Epson web page.  I recently emailed Epson and they
responded after a week that they didn't have access to the pinout and
that the Mac cable was no longer made (really).  Thanks again!

Best Regards,

Brian S. Zurbach

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