Agfa Ephoto 307 Serial Cable

Maxim A. Naumov has "reverse-engineered" the serial cable supplied with his Agfa Ephoto 307 digital camera camera and has shared the following facts. The connector on the camera end is a 8-pin "mini DIN". This is the same connector used on "PS-2" mice and modern PC keyboard cables. The other end is a standard 9-pin female D-subminature connector (a.k.a., DB-9), and is normally plugged into a PC's 9-pin serial port.

The following diagram hows the pins on the camera's female mini DIN serial connector, along with information showing how to connect to a PC serial port DB-9 (or DB-25) connector:

Note: The above diagram shows the relative pin positions when looking at the female DIN connector on the camera (i.e., this is what the camera cable plugs into). Alternatively, one could view this as a diagram of the back-side of the cable's male DIN connector.

Maxim reports that it is not necessary to use all the ground pins and shield. The ground pins are interconnected inside the camera. Use any blue pin shown in the diagram if you are too lazy to solder multiple ground wires. Maxim reports that he has tested both two-meter shielded and unshielded cables, and that 115200 baud worked fine with both. He tested the cable with Agfa's PhotoWise software.

An alternative description of the pinouts for the Agfa Ephoto 307 digital camera's serial cable came from one of Stephen Taylforth's Web pages.

Bruce D. Lightner, last updated Sun Jun 4 12:46:19 PDT 2000 .